#31: Live at the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair!


#31: Live from the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair! - We’re always looking for ways to up the ante at The Ex-Worker, our twice-monthly podcast of anarchist ideas and action. So we decided to record our 31st episode in front of a live audience at the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair! Clara and Alanis started off with our usual Hot Wire news, and then interviewed a wide range of participants from the book fair about workshops or presentations they did or projects they represented. Interviewees spoke about a writing project on southern insurrectionary history, the Can Vies eviction and riots in Barcelona, Spain, and rethinking prisoner support based on experiences with anti-authoritarian queer and transgender prisoners. A supporter read a moving letter by Luke O’Donovan sent from prison specifically to be shared at the book fair, while another shared an update about an anarchist injured and arrested at a Philadelphia solidarity demonstration. Participants from the New York City Anarchist Black Cross, the Durham Inside/Outside Alliance, and the UNControllables, an anarchist student group, each discussed their projects, followed by event announcements and prisoner birthdays to round out a lively evening of anarchy in the southeast.

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