Episode #20: Communism & Socialism, pt.1


#20: Communism and Socialism, pt.1 - Your patience has paid off—we now present to you, dear listeners, the first part of a massive, two-part episode clarifying the age-old question: how are anarchists different from communists and socialists? In the first part, we’ll be covering some basic definitions of communism and socialism, and dive headlong into some heated historical splits between Marx and Bakunin. Spoiler alert: it gets UGLY. This episode includes statements from Jeremy Hammond, Marshall “Eddie” Conway, and some anarchist comrades holding it down in Ukraine, as well as an extensive interview with Anarcho-communist Wayne Price, who’ll share his opinions on how anarchists should be organizing, de-mystify the hyphen in anarcho-communism, and reveal his true feelings about Bob Avakian.

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