#43: Borders and Migration, Part I: Europe’s “Refugee Crisis”


Anarchist perspectives on borders, migration, and Europe’s “refugee crisis”

Listen to the Episode — 124 min


One of the major news stories of 2015 has been the flow of hundreds of thousands of migrants from Syria and beyond into Europe, and the social and political crises this has precipitated. In this episode, we'll take a look at Europe's so-called refugee crisis from an anarchist perspective. To do that, we adopt a "mix tape" format, pasting together excerpts from a variety of sources to offer an impressionistic look at how and why people move across the world, the barriers thrown up by states to impede and control them, and popular resistance against the system of national borders. We begin with reflections on borders from the CrimethInc. Contradictionary, To Change Everything, and past Ex-Worker episodes, and continue with excerpts from interviews with No One Is Illegal activist Harsha Walia, author Vijay Prashad, and a Swiss anarchist active in migrant solidarity struggles in Europe, as well as essays from an activist convergence against climate change, Calais Migrant Solidarity, and Mask Magazine; and conclude with reflections on the Islamic State attacks in Paris from the CrimethInc. blog. You'll also hear updates on anti-anarchist repression in Spain and anti-government demonstrations in South Korea, a report-back from the Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! action camp in eastern Canada, and an announcement for a new prisoner publication, plus news, upcoming events, and more. {December 6, 2015}

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