#23: May ‘68 and the Situationist International


Situationism, May ’68; Rev. of Everyday Life; May Day report; Ukraine feedback

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Another May Day come and gone! After we catch up on how radicals around the world celebrated it in the streets this year, we'll turn back the clock a few decades to a particularly notorious May: Paris in 1968. The strikes and riots that nearly toppled the French state—as well as the Situationist International, those Marxist-influenced art radicals whose theories influenced the uprising—are the topic of our main feature for this episode. One of the key texts coming from the Situationist tradition, Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution of Everyday Life, appears on the Chopping Block. Listeners weigh in on future episodes, "Uncle Ted," and the Ukraine episode and anarchist strategy. And of course there's more news, events, prisoner birthdays, and other goodies. {May 31, 2014}

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